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SpO2 Sensors & You
SpO2 means “Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation”. This is a method used for estimating your body’s oxygen saturation levels. Oxygen saturation is a way of referring to the concentration of oxygen in the blood. It measures the percentage of haemoglobin binding sites in the bloodstream occupied by oxygen.
Raising the Standards of Patient Safety
Posey is your trusted resource in Patient Safety, Protection & Quality… Offering a range of solutions for the least restrictive restraint options for protection of “high value therapies”. We understand continual improvement of Patient Care in the healthcare environment is an important goal for the NHS which is why we partner with Posey to raise the standards of Patient Safety and to help reduce risks in your hospital, wards or departments. Repton Medical is committed to its partners to find the least restrictive products to keep your patients safe during medical treatment.
Protect your Patients with Comfort
We partner with Posey to optimise Patient Safety and reduce risk in your hospital. The single most important goal of the NHS is for it to be totally devoted to continual improvement of Patient Care. We are committed to helping our partner, find the best restrictive products to keep your patients safe, and to reduce costs for your hospital.
The Royal College of Anaesthetists Label Guidelines
Syringe Labelling in Critical Care areas is an important job for hospitals, it can prevent carelessness on wards and save lives. Dr John A Carter, Chairman of the Safety Committee for the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland published a document detailing how certain drug types, and in some cases, how some individual types of drugs should be labelled.
The Importance of Colour Coded Syringe Labels
Consistency and clarity of syringe labelling are important elements in the prevention of medical errors. Colour coding syringe labels was first introduced in the UK in 2003 when the new standards for labels were introduced by the Royal College of Anaesthetists. The aim was to standardise colour coding for syringe labelling to prevent medication mix-ups and provide easy to use classification identification system for syringes.
Ebola Virus Disease
Ebola virus disease is a serious, usually fatal, disease for which there are no licensed vaccines or treatments. The disease was first identified in Africa in the mid 1970s. It is thought that the Ebola virus has been living harmlessly in fruit bats for many years, building up in this population and spreading to other forest animals including chimpanzees and gorillas. It is likely that the virus makes its way into people after they butcher or handle dead animals contaminated with the virus. The current outbreak which was identified in March 2014 is the most serious case so far. There have been 1,000 recorded deaths from the disease in August 2014 in countries such as Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.
Enjoy the Sun Safely
Over the past few weeks the UK has been experiencing a summer heatwave. Whilst many of us like to enjoy the sun, we must make sure we do it safely and remember that certain groups of people are more vulnerable than others to the effects of heat or ultraviolet radiation. Our bodies aren’t used to extreme heat and it can force the body into overdrive as it tries to stay cool through perspiration and evaporation. Elderly people are at a higher risk when the hot weather arrives. Over exposure to the sun is equally as dangerous, with effects ranging from skin cancer to mild sunburn.
Patient Safety Labels
Repton Medical is a UK supplier of Critical Care Medical Labels. Our range of high quality labels are great value for money and are competitively priced, helping you to SAVE MONEY and provide the BEST in patient safety and care.
10 Facts About The Human Brain
Within the human body, the brain is the most complex organ and probably the mostcomplex creation present on this universe. The human brain with its extreme complexity acts like a storage device which holds safely a person’s most cherished memories. The brain also influences a person’s personality and human consciousness which gives someone emotion, passion and motions in life. It is a command centre for the central nervous system as the brain serves human beings with ample physical and cognitive abilities. These are just a few vital roles that the human brain performs but there are many facts that are less known by people with a fully functional brain…