Heel Padding Devices

Repton Medical's range of Heel Padding Devices are designed as a great prevention aid to pressure ulcers, and protecting the patients heels from ulcers before they even start and support during treatment. 

The open design allows air to freely flow around the heel and reduces the risk of developing a pressure ulcer . This products doesn't only protect from pressure ulcers it also helps to prevent falls with the non skid sole as standard. 

Repton Medical is a market leader in Fall Management Systems and Patient Care Progammes. 

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CareWave Foot & Leg Pad

Helps prevent bedsores by protecting a patients heel
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CareWave Heel Pad with Velcro

Helps to prevent heel pressure ulcers and bedsores
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Pressure Relief Slippers

At Repton Medical we want to provide you with the best products and solutions to help you achieve the best wound management solutions and to also reduce your costs in this area.
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