Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Repton Medical give talks about their products?

    Repton Medical offers support in all aspects of its product portfolio. We also do talks about fall prevention and protection and the use of restraint free alternative products. Alternatives are also undertaken by our team. If you want to request a visit please contact us on or please call us on 01909 724890.

  • Are your products CE marked? What quality standards apply?

    All Repton Medical products are verified with quality standards that comply to E.U working in association with Posey, manufacturers and worldwide distributors of Quality Healthcare products since 1937.

  • Where are the products from?

    Posey products are shipped in from the USA. We also distribute products from Europe and other international based companies, including Turkey, China and Germany.

  • Do you provide appointments with product demonstrations?

    Yes we do provide bespoke sample packs and appointments on request. We also provide in service training on the majority of our products.

  • How to order products?

    To read more about how to order our products, please visit the linked to webpage which gives full details and pictures describing how to buy from us on this website.

  • What are your office opening times?

    Our office opening times are 9am-5pm, Monday to Thursday. You can still place your order as our phones and fax line are connected 24 hours per day, which allows you to leave a message / voicemail.

  • Do you have a return of goods policy?

    Our promise is that every product is designed to give 100% satisfaction. Please refer to our terms and conditions page for our full returns policy.

  • What are the different payment methods that I can use?

    By BACS:
    Contact us and our sales team will be happy to help give you details to make payments by BACS

    By Card:
    All major Debit and Credit Cards accepted, processed by WorldPay.

    By PayPal:
    Either by using your PayPal account, or without a PayPal account using your Debit/Credit Card through PayPal's payment system.

  • What other services does Repton Medical provide?

    We offer product specialist knowledge and expertise for new product launches, product promotions and product education and solutions. We also provide technical support and training.