Speciality Products

Repton Medical offer a great range of Speciality Products, aimed at protection, prevention and promoting good health whilst assisting medical practice's - many of our Speciality Products help solve problems whilst providing the patient with comfort and support. 

Keeping patients healthy and supporting them throughout treatment or medical procedure is one of our main aims at Repton Medical.

All our products are manufactured to the highest medical standards. 

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Diabetic Socks (Black)

The medical sock, specifically designed with a diabetic patient in mind, will help keep the patient's feet warm and protected from bacterial infections.
£9.97 excl VAT £4.75 excl VAT

MamaSafe Nipple Protectors

MamaSafe Nipple Protector Rings are a variation of the "Viennese donut" and promote long and healthy breastfeeding
£4.50 excl VAT

Shower Friendly Cast Protector (Multi-Pack)

Repton Medical's Shower Guards are the perfect solution for keeping casts and dressings dry . The Multi-Pack offers protection Hand/Foot/Leg/Arm
£8.29 excl VAT

Shower Friendly Cast Protectors

Repton Medical's Shower guard Short Style are perfect for protecting casts or other medical dressings on Hands and Foot from water damage .
£3.29 excl VAT