Special Care

Repton Medical's Special care range provide the best in patient safety and care . They are designed with patient comfort and protection in mind. 

Our Pulse Oximeter Probe Wraps help to secure many styles of flexible optical transducers and probe senors without skin damaging adhesive tapes whilst holds optical components firmly to prevent misalighnment ; blocks excess ambient light for more exact readings.

Our IV shields are designed to help protect the I.V needle and insertion site from tube pulling or accidental contact ,and have a hypo allergenic self adhensive tape to prevent damage to baby's skin whilst providng a firm grip. 

Our Foam Trach Ties , act just like a "pillow-like" surface , offering optimal comfort and protection, acting as a barrier to prevent rubbing, chaffing and skin irritation , making this simpler and safe for the patient.

The Repton Medical Snuggle Up Positioning Aid is one of our exciting new products launch's for 2019 - the cradle design is a brand NEW all in one infant body positioning product whilst helping the baby to maintain and flexion positions. 

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IV Shields

Protects the IV needle and insertion site.
£32.50 excl VAT

Snuggle Up Positioning Aid

All pieces of the Snuggle Up Positioning Cradle are included with this product
£100.00 excl VAT £97.50 excl VAT

Trach Ties

Our Tracheostomy Tie (Trach Ties) are designed with Patient Comfort and protection in mind.
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