Patient Safety

At Repton Medical patient safety is our top priority.  Our focus is to help you deliver the best possible safe environment for all patients and/or  residents within a hospital,  residental home facility or those wishing to live independently in their own home . 

All our products are made to the highest medical guidelines and standards , and with the latest material technology . 

Reption Medical is a leader in Patient Safety products. 

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Breathable Mitts

£46.52 excl VAT

Diversionary Mitts

£34.50 excl VAT

Double Security Mitts

Call for pricing

Finger Contracture Cushions

Patients at risk for hand contractures and/or skin breakdown
£12.32 excl VAT

Finger Control Mitts

£35.00 excl VAT

Finger Control Mitts

£35.00 excl VAT

Freedom Sleeves

From £19.50 excl VAT