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Repton Medical is Established by Managing Director Richard Burton. 

In 2003, Managing Director Richard Burton founded Repton Medical. Specialising in the introduction of Critical Care Syringe Lables, Repton Medical started with humble beginnings, distributing products from a garage in Sheffield. 





Turnover doubles, allowing the business to diversify into new areas

After it's establishment, the business quickly progressed into one which specialised in more than Critical Care Syringe Labels, expanding into the realms of patient safety and stocking products such as SP02 Sensors, NIBP Blood Pressure Cuffs, and ECG Cables. 


Repton Medical introduces Posey Healthcare products into the UK. 

In 2007, Repton Medical introduced Posey Healthcare's neonatal and paediatric products into its portfolio, being the first to introduce them into the UK. Worldwide distributors of quality healthcare products since 1937, Posey Healthcare was an impressive ally for Repton Medical, adding Phototherapy Eye Protector Shields, Respiratory Therapy, Positioning Aids, Limb Holders, and IV Arm Boards to Repton's repotoire.




Repton Medical becomes the lead supplier for Fall Prevention products in the UK. 

Fall Prevention becomes increasingly recognised by Healthcare industries as a cost-saving and injury-reducing addition to facilities and their strategies. As Fall Prevention and Management strategies quickly expands into hospitals and long term care facilities, Repton Medical becomes the lead supplier of Posey Healthcare's Fall Prevention products to UK hospitals and elderly care providers.  


Richard Burton listed as 2009 and 2010 Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite Business Leaders of the Millennium. 

This prestigious award recognised the achievements of Managing Director Richard Burton in guiding the company to its strong net worth and continued growth. Standing alongside leaders of varying companies from a range of fields, the award reflected the determination and sheer hard work that was needed to reap the rewards and recognition of a successful business enterprise. 




Jacqueline Burton joins the company as Marketing Director 

Following the appointment of Jacqueline Burton as Marketing Director, focussing Repton Medical's business sales and marketing activities, the company diversifies into Respiritory CPAP and accessories, alongside further expansion into Bed Safety and Wound Management Solutions.


Repton Medical Expands to larger premises in Derbyshire. 

As a result of continued success, Repton Medical relocated to new, larger premises in Derbyshire as part of our distribution network in 2013. 




Repton Medical partners with Sheffield Hallam University 

Following the success of the 2013 year and the addition of Jacqueline Burton as Marketing Director, Repton Medical begins offering placement years to students studying business and marketing degrees at Sheffield Hallam University, aiming to build partnerships with the workforce of the future. 


Repton Medical hones in on the domicillary and social care markets. 

Adapting to changes in the marketing and continuing to expand the business, Repton Medical begins to focus on patient safety solutions, paying particular attention to the home care market. 




Repton Medical introduces IV Therapy products to its existing range of neonatal and paediatric care products. 

The first of its kind in the UK, Repton Medical add to their existing portfolio of neonatal and paediatric care with the introduction of I.V. Therapy products from America. 



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