Company History

Company History


Repton Medical was formed by Richard Burton specialising in the introduction of Critical Care Syringe Labels. This was an initiative as a result of the Department of Health’s drive to minimise drug administration errors in critical care areas of hospitals. It was recommended that an International Colour Coding System for syringe labelling was introduced into hospitals.

Repton Medical started in the owner’s garage at home in Sheffield where the business quickly developed into its speciality of patient safety products. These comprised of SP02 SensorsNIBP Blood Pressure Cuffs and ECG Cables. With turnover doubling by the end of 2006, Repton Medical diversified into new areas of business.


Repton Medical reached an agreement with Posey based in South California, United States to introduce Neonatal and Paediatric products into its portfolio. Posey who are well known in the United States for Patient Safety are manufacturers and worldwide distributors of quality healthcare products since 1937. Repton Medical took on a new line of Neonatal and Paediatric products to help with the monitoring and protection of Paediatrics. These products consisted of Phototherapy Eye Protector Shields,Respiratory TherapyPositioning AidsLimb Holders and IV Arm Boards plus an array of other disposable and reusable products.


Following the success with Posey products in the UK market, Posey already a current leader in Fall Prevention and had become the recognised authority for fall prevention solutions. This product portfolio soon became popular in the UK Hospitals. Repton Medical is the sole distributor for fall management products which aim to support  care providers efforts to provide a safer patient environment and improved quality of life for the elderly and those with long term conditions. At the same time help reducing the risk of injuries from falls and hospital costs related to falls. Fall Management quickly developed into hospitals and long term care facilities that were focused more than ever to provide safe, quality care for their patients.


Repton Medical received recognition of the “Who’s Who in Britain’s Business Leaders of the Millennium”. The objective of this prestigious award highlights those business leaders  who have set up a company which has achieved a strong net worth  and shown continued growth. The range of leaders selected were from many fields and the award reflects determination and sheer hard work that was needed to reap the rewards and recognition of a successful business enterprise. A bench mark was set at £100,000 net worth. Richard Burton achieved this recognition and was listed in 2009 and 2010 Who’s Who of Britain’s Business Elite – Business Leaders of the Millennium – First edition 2009, second edition 2010.

Jacqueline Burton joined the company as Marketing Director to refocus the business sales and marketing activities.


Repton Medical diversified into Respiratory CPAP and accessories along with further expansion into Bed Safety and Wound Management Solutions. This saw the need to increase team members with the addition of a modern business apprentice to assist with sales growth.

2013 and beyond…

As a result of our continued success, in early 2013  Repton Medical relocated to new larger premises in Derbyshire as part of our distribution network.

The business also started to work with Sheffield Hallam University to build student partnerships offering industrial placement years to students studying business and marketing degrees. 

Repton Medical will continue to focus on patient safety solutions. With an ageing population and a rise in the number of individuals living in a home environment, Repton Medical will continue to focus in the growth of the Home Care Market. In 2016, Repton Medical created Repton Healthcare a subsidiary of the business which solely focusses on the care/ nursing home and domicillary care market. Please visit our new website for further product information