The environment and ethical behaviour is important to us. It always has been and we know it is important to you!

Why we care

We pride ourselves in being one of leading medical sales companies in the UK without sacrificing our commitment to the environment and the people we trade with. A sustainable approach has long been part of our heritage, and we’re continually striving to make the right choices that will make a difference – in every aspect of our business.

We supply a diverse range of products to thousands of customers every year. By working with our suppliers we aim to understand, manage and reduce the impact that our products have on the environment. We have a duty to ensure that the environmental impact of each product is as low as possible, whether it is made from natural resources. To do this, we have focussed our attention to specific areas where we can reduce our impact. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Repton Medical, we are aware of the impact of the environment and are committed to its protection through our environmental objectives which are set each year and ensure that we do all that we can to safeguard our environment.

We implement activities that are relevant and sustainable in order to enhance our partnerships within the local community. We continuously work towards ensuring a high social, ethical and environmental standard which is integral to our business and we work collaboratively with our suppliers to ensure these standards are achieved.

We are dedicated to improving quality of life in the areas we operate, engaging with the local community and contributing where we are able, such as investing in community based charities, sponsoring medically related community events and working with schools and local universities to ensure the quality of training for young people. We also ensure quality of working life for our own employees, offering training and development opportunities backed by a quality work environment where we operate true traditional family values based on trust, loyalty, guidance and support.