Heel Off-Loading Devices

Repton Medical's range of Heel Off-Loading devices are to aid patients at risk of foot and heel injury, pressure ulcers or foot drop. 

Our Pressure Care Boots are uniquely designed to float the heel above the bed surface and help protect against heel pressure ulcers. 

At Repton Medical we aim to provide you with the best possible products and solutions for the management of the treatment, whilst ensuring patient comfort and safety. 


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Heel Guards

For patients at risk of skin breakdown and friction burns.
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Premium Heel Guard

For patients at the risk of foot injury, pressure ulcers or foot drop.
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Pressure Care Boot

Pressure Care Boots are a heel Off-Loading Device designed to help float the patients heel above the bed surface.
£53.57 excl VAT £43.75 excl VAT

Pressure Relief Slippers

At Repton Medical we want to provide you with the best products and solutions to help you achieve the best wound management solutions and to also reduce your costs in this area.
From £25.00 excl VAT