Repton Medical's Cushion range is designed to help and aid a wide range of positions whilst improving patient stability and comfort . 

All the products are made to medical grade standards whilst ensuring patient safety and comfort . 

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CareWave Decubitus Cushion

£92.00 excl VAT

CareWave Delta Cushion

CareWave Delta cushions are hugely versatile, designed for leg and trunk posture support.
£67.00 excl VAT

CareWave Half-Moon Cushion

CareWave Half Moon Cushions provide and support the patients back, shoulder and head. They can also be used as an excellent knee support.
£67.00 excl VAT

CareWave Semi-Fowler Cushion

Care Wave Semi-Fowler cushions are designed for leg support, which provides abduction and pressure relief for the patients heels.
£127.00 excl VAT

CareWave Universal Cushion

The CareWave Universal Cushion is part of the CareWave positioning and sleeping support system.
£52.00 excl VAT

Chondrodermatitis Pillow

£25.34 excl VAT

Iskio B-M Cushion

Recommended for people with a tenancy to slide forward or to the side. 
From £100.00 excl VAT

Iskio Visco Cushion

Recommended for relieving pressure, especially for patients with retroversion of the pelvis.
From £106.00 excl VAT

Kalli H.R Cushion

Recommended to mobility impaired people or those who remain seated for long periods of time.
From £42.00 excl VAT