Repton Medical's Cushion range is designed to help and aid a wide range of positions whilst improving patient stability and comfort . 

All the products are made to medical grade standards whilst ensuring patient safety and comfort . 

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CareWave Bone Cushion

Supports ankles and relieves pressure on your heel
£57.00 excl VAT

CareWave Cylindrical Cushion

Helps to support and position patients.
£57.00 excl VAT

CareWave Decubitus Cushion

Supports the shoulders, back, hips and knees
£92.00 excl VAT

CareWave Decubitus Slim Cushion

Helps to position a patients legs to prevent lateral sliding
£92.00 excl VAT

CareWave Deku Cushion

Helps to provide support to the patients entire body, from head to foot
£112.00 excl VAT

CareWave Delta Cushion

CareWave Delta cushions are hugely versatile, designed for leg and trunk posture support.
£67.00 excl VAT

CareWave Half-Moon Cushion

CareWave Half Moon Cushions provide and support the patients back, shoulder and head. They can also be used as an excellent knee support.
£67.00 excl VAT

CareWave Heel Cushion

Support ankles and relieves pressure
£62.00 excl VAT

CareWave Hemi-Arm Cushion

Helps to keep arms in place.
£114.00 excl VAT