Repton Medical's Cushion range is designed to help and aid a wide range of positions whilst improving patient stability and comfort . 

All the products are made to medical grade standards whilst ensuring patient safety and comfort . 

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CareWave Kit Ear Cushion

Helps to relieves contact on a patients ears as a way of preventing bedsores
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CareWave Ring Cushion

Designed to support the patients head
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CareWave Semi-Fowler Cushion

Care Wave Semi-Fowler cushions are designed for leg support, which provides abduction and pressure relief for the patients heels.
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CareWave Universal Cushion

The CareWave Universal Cushion is part of the CareWave positioning and sleeping support system.
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POZ' IN' FORM Abduction Cushion

Positioning cushion to hold hips abducted and legs apart to reduce friction and shearing effects.
£77.50 excl VAT

POZ' IN' FORM Cylindrical Cushion

Cylindrical Cushion reduces friction and shearing effects on thighs and knees.
£142.00 excl VAT

POZ' IN' FORM Half Ring Cushion

Half Ring Cushion reduces friction and shearing effects between legs, on the inner sides of knees and thighs and holds hips abducted.
£87.00 excl VAT

POZ' IN' FORM Hand Pressure Relief Cushion

Hand Pressure Relief Cushion reduces the pressure on the skin on the zones with risk of pressure sores.
£72.00 excl VAT

POZ' IN' FORM Heel Cushion

Positioning cushion for the heel.
£197.00 excl VAT