Trach Ties

Patients with tracheotomy tubes, oxygen cannula support use.
Product Code: 8197S;8197M;8197L
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Made to a high qualtity medical grade, theaw Tracheostomy Tie (Trach Ties) are designed with Patient Comfort and protection in mind. Our unique product is made with a soft padding which acts as a pillow-like surface. The trach ties offer a soft cushion touch, to both the tracheostomy holder and the collar, preventing rubbing, chaffing and skin irration, making the product a simplier and safer choice for the patient.

Small = Neontal to Infant necks, (7-10")
Medium = Adolescent to Adult necks (9-17")
Large = Adult necks (12-24")

Features & Benefits
• One-piece collar helps secure most tracheostomy tubes
• Designed to help prevent removal, extubation, and decannulation during severe coughing spasms
• Adjustable sizing for a comfortable fit
• Sold as a box of 12 .

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