Blog posts of '2016' 'February'

UK Baby Friendly Accreditation
In recent news, Unicef UK has introduced a new opportunity for neonatal units to achieve the Baby Friendly accreditation! This exciting opportunity has arisen for neonatal units following the receipt of a grant to Unicef UK from the Burdett Trust. The £110,000 grant intended to be used over three years is proposed to empower neonatal nurses with the knowledge and skills to promote breast-feeding/breast milk use, to deliver a transformational cultural shift and to bring parents and nursing staff together to care for the babies.
Protective Footwear for Bathrooms
At Repton Medical, we aim to help you prevent falls and fall related injuries in every environment! Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous rooms in the home for elderly people to fall. Currently, 80% of falls happen in the bathroom due to the multitude of unforgiving and slippery surfaces. The floor can easily become wet and slippery, making it easier for falls to happen due to a lack of balance. Getting in and out of the bath or shower is a common time for people to experience a fall.
POZ’ IN’ FORM – Positioning & Bedsore Prevention
Bedsores are easier to prevent than to treat, and changing your position is key to preventing pressure sores. These changes need to be frequent, to avoid stress on the skin, and to minimize the pressure on vulnerable areas. Other strategies include taking good care of your skin, maintaining good nutrition and exercising daily.