Blog posts of '2014' 'May'

Dementia Awareness Week 2014
Dementia is a serious and progressive disease that leads to memory loss, confusion and communication problems that can make life confusing for dementia sufferers and the elderly. To increase awareness of the disease the Alzheimer’s society has created a Dementia Awareness Week which runs from the 18th-24th May 2014.
Falls Awareness Week 2014
This week is National Falls Awareness Week in the UK. Falls Awareness Week offers an opportunity for elderly people, family and carers to find out more about falls prevention. Currently there is around a third of over 65’s and half of those over 80 who will fall every year. There are many simple things that older people can do to prevent falls. The awareness week aims to get this message across to the nation.
Why Choose Repton Medical
Do you want to reduce the risk of patient/ resident harm resulting from falls? Falls and fall related injuries in older hospital patients and nursing home residents are a major problem! Falls can occur due to many reasons which include muscle weakness, cardiovascular problems, dementia, delirium, toileting and medication.
Tread Safe Anti-Embolism Stockings
BRAND NEW TO THE MARKET- TREAD SAFE ANTI-EMBOLISM STOCKING Repton Medical is a UK supplier of Fall Prevention & Protection Products. Our range of high quality products offer great value and are extremely competitively priced, helping you to SAVE MONEY and provide the BEST in patient safety and care.