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Helping Breast Feeding Mothers !


MamaSafe - Helping Breast Feeding Mothers!


Why MamaSafe?

Many mothers suffer from sore nipples during the lactation period. Unfortunately, and despite the best of intentions, continuous feeds can cause nipples to become very sore as little one begins to suckle.

Initially, nipples become irritated and the natural swelling can lead to open cracks and very uncomfortable inflammation.
As the body heals, the wound dries and scabs form which are then torn off when your baby starts to feed again.

This is just the start of an unpleasant and painful cycle that often causes Mums to stop breastfeeding early, denying the child the very best of start in life.

In the worst-case scenario, breastfeeding can be discontinued prematurely due to the pain becoming unbearable for the feeding mother.

MamaSafe is designed specifically to help by protecting the nipple and support the healing process in a natural and simple way. Therefore, preventing the need to use plasters or other adhesive bonding that could further damage your skin, cause major discomfort and/or catch on your clothing and do more damage to your nipples.

The special 3cm thick foam donut ring design ensures that there is enough distance from any material which could come into unwanted contact with sore nipples.


When do I use MamaSafe?

You can use our MamaSafe nipple protectors not only for inflamed nipples but also for preventive purposes during the entire lactation period. Thanks to, MamaSafe, your sensitive nipples won't get irritated unnecessarily through contact with clothing or a nursing bra.

How do I apply MamaSafe?

Place the MamaSafe protective nipple ring on the breast so that the nipple is situated in the centre of it.
The red and blue bands around each MamaSafe pad help to identify which nipple they have been used on previously. Always use the same pad on the same nipple to avoid cross-contamination.
MamaSafe rings can be conveniently placed under the bra and support a safe and fast healing environment.

What are the made of?

MamaSafe nipple protector rings are made of breathable and absorbent materials (cotton and foam material) that are gentle to your skin.
They can be safely disposed of along with your other household waste. Each pair of MamaSafe nipple protector pads are packed inside sealed packaging.

Manufacturer's note

For reasons of hygiene we recommend replacing MamaSafe rings daily or whenever they get too dirty. We advise that you do not try to re-use nipple protector rings should they become soiled.


Repton Medical and MamaSafe is dedicated to helping mothers with breast feeding – aiding and supporting them throughout this amazing time!


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