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Merry Christmas

Christmas Baubles

As Christmas Eve is only 1 week away we wanted to spread the festivity to wish all of our loyal customers and readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Repton Medical thanks you for your custom in 2014 and we hope to continue throughout 2015.

There are many exciting blogs coming your way in January which include

  • New product launches
  • International conference diaries
  • How to stay fit for Spring
  • Clinical case studies
  • NHS news stories

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Reducing Fall Related Injuries Using Floor Mats
Despite decades of research and development efforts to reduce falls, it is still the most commonly reported adverse event in hospitals. As part of a study conducted by UAMS Medical Centre, they evaluated the effectiveness of implementing Posey Floor Matting for fall injury protection in the acute care setting. The clinical trials were conducted in Neuroscience and stem call transplant units.
Staying Healthy in the Winter
Even though the frost has arrived and the temperature is declining, there is no need to be unhealthy throughout the winter months! The NHS have suggested 5 ways to make sure you are keeping healthy and fit, even when your body is telling you to hibernate.
Heart Probe Covers
The importance of accurate temperature maintenance in incubators and radiant warmers are clinically shown in investigations. This is in order to properly manager apnea,metabolic rate and insensible water loss. Our Tarry disposable temperature probe covers allow you to keep the probe in place for accurate readings of patient’s true skin temperature. It provides a gentle method of securing temperature probes to fragile skin. They are easy to reposition and are comfortable for the patient.