Blog posts of '2015' 'June'

Father’s Day: Think Outside the Socks
For those who have Father’s, ‘thinking outside the box’ is becoming more difficult. Usual Father’s Day gifts involve socks, boxers, chocolates and drinks. However, this Father’s Day we are showing you the gifts that can actually change your father’s life in terms of safety and protection in the home environment.
Raising the Standards of Patient Safety
Posey is your trusted resource in Patient Safety, Protection & Quality… Offering a range of solutions for the least restrictive restraint options for protection of “high value therapies”. We understand continual improvement of Patient Care in the healthcare environment is an important goal for the NHS which is why we partner with Posey to raise the standards of Patient Safety and to help reduce risks in your hospital, wards or departments. Repton Medical is committed to its partners to find the least restrictive products to keep your patients safe during medical treatment.
Protect your Patients with Comfort
We partner with Posey to optimise Patient Safety and reduce risk in your hospital. The single most important goal of the NHS is for it to be totally devoted to continual improvement of Patient Care. We are committed to helping our partner, find the best restrictive products to keep your patients safe, and to reduce costs for your hospital.