Raising the Standards of Patient Safety

Raising the Standards of Patient Safety

Posey is your trusted resource in Patient Safety, Protection & Quality…

Offering a range of solutions for the least restrictive restraint options for protection of “high value therapies”.

We understand continual improvement of Patient Care in the healthcare environment is an important goal for the NHS which is why we partner with Posey to raise the standards of Patient Safety and to help reduce risks in your hospital, wards or departments. Repton Medical is committed to its partners to find the least restrictive products to keep your patients safe during medical treatment.

Repton Medical offers a wide variety of Mitts to help with your patient’s physical therapy needs. Posey Mitts are designed for patients who disrupt medical treatment by pulling at their IV line/ catheter or who are prone to self-injury. Your patients retains full mobility while at the same time being unable to grasp and dislodge tubes or other devices. The padded mitts allow freedom of limb movement while limiting finger use, have an ambidextrous design that fits either hand and are padded for extra comfort. The Mitts are machine washable and secure with a hook and loop strap and some models come with a mesh back to facilitate skin checks, while also allowing the skin to breathe.

When you partner with Repton Medical, we will do everything we can to optimise Patient Safety and reduce risk. To find out more about Patient Safety products, please visit our website and read our clinical studies.