Blog posts of '2016' 'August'

10 Early Signs of Dementia
Recently our team at Repton Medical, all became Dementia friends. We attended an information session which gave us a deeper understanding of how people living with dementia feel and cope with day to day life. We learnt to see the person and not the disease. There is surplus information available based around dementia such as on the Alzheimer's Society website. We decided to put together a list from a number of sources of how to spot the early signs of dementia.
New To The UK: Repton Medical Diabetic Sock
Diabetes affects 1 in 16 people within the UK, that’s an estimated four million people living with diabetes. Diabetes is commonly associated with foot health related problems, in medical terms; diabetes affects the circulation by causing arteries to become ‘furred up’ (atherosclerosis). This can affect the major blood vessels, specifically the ones associated with the feet, causing the feet to feel cold, lose sensation and develop cuts or sores (Diabetes UK).
It’s World Breast Feeding Week!
Breastfeeding is the most natural and normal thing to do within the early stages of a child’s life. However, many people in this society have put a stigma on the act, especially if it is shown in public. World Breast Feeding week is trying to fight against that by normalising the act and encouraging women to change the social stigma placed on breast feeding.