Blog posts of '2014' 'November'

Express Breast Milk Labels
Today, most women in England are choosing to breastfeed as it is the only natural fooddesigned for a baby. Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed a baby. The breastfeed will be in the Neonatal Ward at the hospital where the baby is born. Breast feeding has many benefits which include...
Christmas Neonatal Hats
After last year’s success, we are continuing to sell our seasonal hats for seasonal babies. Our Tarry Caps help to keep your babies warm and comfortable during hospital treatment. The colourful, latex-free, knit fabric helps to reduce heat loss from the baby’s head.
Neonatal Trach Ties
Today we are looking at a popular Posey product called “Foam Trach Ties” which is a one-piece collar that helps to secure tracheotomy tubes. This product is used on patients who require respiratory therapy and is designed to hold a tracheal tube or oxygen cannula in place. They are also designed to help prevent removal, extubation, and decannulation during severe coughing spasms.