Blog posts of '2014' 'June'

Sign up to Safety Campaign
To find out more about the campaign please visit the Sign up to Safety website.
Your Safety: Reducing the Risk of Falling
Falls can happen to anyone at any age and they are more common as we get older. Working out what causes falls and putting them right is the key to making your patients feel safer and more confident.
Patient Safety Labels
Repton Medical is a UK supplier of Critical Care Medical Labels. Our range of high quality labels are great value for money and are competitively priced, helping you to SAVE MONEY and provide the BEST in patient safety and care.
Fall Prevention: The Way Forward
Falls among the elderly cost the government almost £990 million per year. Falls occur every day for the elderly in retirement care homes and in the NHS hospitals. In the UK alone, over 700,000 people a year are taken to casualty as a result of a fall, many admitted to hospital with hip fractures costing the NHS £1.7 bn.