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Veterinary Medical Supplies
Here at Repton Medical we do not only supply healthcare products to the NHS, care homes and the community, we also now supply a range of products to the veterinary and pet care industry. Veterinary Medical Supplies has been established to cater to vets and pet owners, to improve animal well being and safety.
SpO2 Sensors & You
SpO2 means “Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation”. This is a method used for estimating your body’s oxygen saturation levels. Oxygen saturation is a way of referring to the concentration of oxygen in the blood. It measures the percentage of haemoglobin binding sites in the bloodstream occupied by oxygen.
Temperature Probe Covers
Disposable Temperature Probe Covers designed for the maintenance of a baby’s body temperature within incubators and radiant warmers. This is a process to properly manage apnoea, the metabolic rate and insensible water loss.
NICU Monitoring & Protection
During an infant’s time in hospital, there may be the need for them to be protected against pulling at I.V lines and other cables. These lines are extremely important for ensuring the baby is provided with the correct amount of fluids and medication and due to the delicate location of the lines, they may need to be protected from being pulled or knocked.