SpO2 Sensors & You

SpO2 Sensors & You

SpO2 means “Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation”.

This is a method used for estimating your body’s oxygen saturation levels. Oxygen saturation is a way of referring to the concentration of oxygen in the blood. It measures the percentage of haemoglobin binding sites in the bloodstream occupied by oxygen.

A normal blood oxygen level should equate to an SpO2 percentage of 95 to 100 percent. You would be considered to have a low blood oxygen level if you were between 90 to 95 percent but this would not be indicative of a health issue. Anything lower than 90 percent is considered very low and results in hypoxemia.

Hypoxemia can come from sleep apnoeaasthma crisis or pulmonary infection, there can also be other causes which would be diagnosed by a medical professional. If you are taking a reading from home, always take a second reading during good conditions for your body, this way you can be sure to get a more reliable reading and if your reading is still low, we recommend that you consult your doctor for a reading with medical grade equipment to ensure that your readings are correct.

Different types of machines, sensors and devices will give you more reliable readings. For example, many smart phones have apps available that will give you an SpO2 reading however these are mainly “for fun” and won’t give you a reliable reading, an SpO2 Finger Sensor, as found on the hospital ward or doctors surgery, will give you a much more precise result.

Repton Medical supplies various SpO2 Sensors which fit a variety of machines fromPhilips to Datex Omeda, from Datascope to Nonin. Many of these sensors have their adaptor cable counterparts which can also be viewed on our website.