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Perfect Protection for Casts and Dressings – September 2018


After the initial trauma of a breakage or wound damage to a limb, perhaps the next step in your recovery journey is trying to get your life back to some form of normality whilst wearing a plaster cast or dressing.

Everyday tasks need to be reconsidered and thought about, and unfortunately the things we take for granted such as pain management, movement and mobility are not the issues to plan for.

The patient needs to consider the actual plaster cast or dressing itself apart from regularly assessment by a Health Care Professional, it will need care and attention to aid the recovery process.

For example, something as simple as not getting your non-waterproof casts or dressing wet whilst showering, washing and bathing is crucial, and especially in a younger or elderly patient’s.  

As a result of the conventional padding inside a cast getting wet, it won't dry. Neither will the skin next to it. That can cause significant problems, including skin infection, skin death and sometimes permanent scarring. So, they always would need to be recovered immediately and replaced if they are water damaged at all.

Protection for the casts and dressings is crucial to aid recovery, whilst maintaining a healthy life and recovery.

Shower Guards give that protection, they are a clean and waterproof protection guard for anyone who has recently had surgery and is currently wearing a cast, bandage or dressing. Whilst wearing a shower guard, you would be able to shower, bathe and wash without the worry that the cast or dressing will be damaged or cause further complexions.

Shower guards are very easy to use and can be fitted perfectly by anyone, even with an injury or plastered limb, such as an arm or leg . They are easily applied with a single hand and therefore great for the younger and older patient.


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