Hand Therapy- Tis the season to be uncomfortable

Tis the season to be uncomfortable.

Hand therapy 

As all our thoughts turn to the changing in weather conditions and we start to move in the cold, and damper seasons of autumn and winter.

We should also give a thought to those living with conditions that are greatly affected by these changes in temperature, especially joint conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Arthritis and even rehabilitation programmes after surgery or injury, patients are massively affected.

Cold weather can exacerbate joint pain and joint stiffness, for all these patients and changes in exercise routines and movability is reduced and more difficult or even limited.

Whilst all these conditions are very serious in all part of the body, a patient’s hand are critical and have become a great focus in treatments over the last few years.

Treating them effectively – to maintain and prevent support to all the other joints is paramount. A patient’s hand function is critical for all other treatments. Without hand movability a patient will be limited to aiding other joint treatments and forms of rehabilitation.

Hand therapy is becoming an important part of all joint treatments and is also key to promoting effective treatments successfully. Keeping your hand mobile will aid all further treatments and patients further care programme.

The key focus will be aimed at the non-surgical management of hand disorders and injuries using physical methods such as exercise programmes, splinting and support aid’s – such as Palm Cones and Grips, Finger separators and finger contracture cushions. These products will be key focus in the any treatment programme.These products massively support a patient with the need to separate fingers and prevent complete closure of the hand, and ultimately promote and maintain movement.


They aid separating fingers, from bending towards the palm and concentrate fully on maximizing finger separations. 

They are comfortable and easy to use, making them ideal for everyday use in rehabilitation, and treating all these conditions.  

Repton Medical offer a great range of products to assist such treatments and are a market leader in hand therapy. They value the importance of hand therapy in all forms of treatment today.

Visit their website today https://www.reptonmedical.co.uk/hand-therapy or give their team a call today – 01909 724890 for advice and support.

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