Veterinary Medical Supplies

Dog and Cat

…because your pet isn’t just a pet, they’re family!

Here at Repton Medical we do not only supply healthcare products to the NHS, care homes and the community, we also now supply a range of products to the veterinary andpet care industry. Veterinary Medical Supplies has been established to cater to vets and pet owners, to improve animal well being and safety.

Our brand new website features our full range of products which is split into two separate categories for easy navigation.

Pet Supplies

This product category is targeted towards pet owners themselves. Here you can find our portable Pet First Aid Kits which allows you to treat your pets quickly and safely prior to veterinary assistance. The kit includes a clip for you to attach it to the dogs lead whilst out walking. Also, our Pet Diapers / Pet Nappies help you to toilet train your pets without the worry of damaging your floors and furniture in the home.

Vet Supplies

This product category is targeted towards veterinary practise to help them develop and improve their care for animals. This includes products such as blood pressure cuffsdrug labels, and ECG cables.

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