New To The UK: Repton Medical Diabetic Sock

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Diabetes affects 1 in 16 people within the UK, that’s an estimated four million people living with diabetes. Diabetes is commonly associated with foot health related problems, in medical terms; diabetes affects the circulation by causing arteries to become ‘furred up’ (atherosclerosis). This can affect the major blood vessels, specifically the ones associated with the feet, causing the feet to feel cold, lose sensation and develop cuts or sores (Diabetes UK).

It’s imperative that people with diabetes get yearly checks on many things, but the most important checks would be:
• Blood glucose level
• Blood pressure measurement
• Blood fats (Cholesterol and Triglycerides)
• Eye screenings for retinopathy

If checks such as these aren’t routinely carried out, then there can be serious side effects on the body. One major check that should be done every day (by the diabetic) should be a check of the feet; because diabetes can cause damage to the nerves which carry pain sensation from the feet to the brain, feet often become numb. This could mean that if there are any cuts, bruises or infections they may spread and in a worst case scenario can eventually lead to ulcers and then eventually amputation.

To help prevent such things developing, we have sourced a specialist pair of socks, aptly named The Diabetic Sock which comes in two colours; black or white. The sock is made from a triple function Lycra yarn which is interwoven with a Nano-scale material made from precious metals imported from Germany (Germanium and Titanium). The Nano technology is designed to stay in place even after washing.

Unlike the standard 7cm narrow opening, our sock is designed with an elastic 10cm Lycra wide-opening which does not constrict feet. This is an important feature as diabetes can often cause swelling of the feet/ ankles and legs (oedema), which means narrow seamed socks can often cause more problems. Our socks are also designed with heel reinforcement and the weaving is ergonomically designed with a strong covering which helps to black1prevent slippage.

The unique mesh design of the sock means it is breathable and is able to keep the foot dry and comfortable, protecting the skin from bacterial infections such as Athlete's foot. The most important feature of the sock is that it is proven to increase the blood flow for the wearer, meaning blood from the capillaries returns more rapidly to the heart which in turn reduces the overall workload of the heart.
The sock is scientifically proven to enhance blood flow by 42.98% and increase the speed of circulation by 52.36%. This raises overall body temperature by 1.3 degrees.

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