Specialists in Seating and Positioning Aids



     Specialists In Seating and Positioning Aids


Good Posture

The word ‘posture’ is by which a person holds their body by sitting or standing. The importance of good posture is to keep your bones and joints in the correct position to ensure that your muscles are being used correctly. Good posture aids the decrease in abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could lead to arthritis, and it also prevents your spine developing an abnormal position.

Good posture helps with your respiratory and digestive system and it also helps promote many other health benefits.

Poor Posture

Poor posture can damage your back and cause poor digestion when sitting, standing or laying incorrectly, this can compress your digestive organs, leaving them unable to function as they should. Not only can this be very uncomfortable, it can also lead to ill health problems, having poor posture can also restrict oxygen and blood flow, which leads to difficulty in breathing and speaking. This means that it could be difficult to participate in other more essential moving activities, due to an increased demand for oxygen.


 How can you improve your posture?


-          If possible, stand up and stretch every thirty minutes; this will allow your organs to receive the oxygen they need.

-          Exercise; If you focus on physical activity that builds and strengthens your core, it will be much easier to maintain a positive posture.

-          When sitting on a chair; keep your back straight against the chair, and both feet flat on the ground, with your knees at hip level.

-          Use pillows while sleeping or proper sleep systems; they provide support for your back, helping to improve your posture while lying down. For more information on our sleep system, visit our website; https://atlibertyhealth.co.uk/




Next week between the 23rd and 25th of July 2018 is the annual Posture and Mobility Group Conference! (PGM)  Come and join us and explore our great range of products!

The PGM conference is a huge event that provides industry exhibition, an educational programme, and networking events for all professionals that work within the posture and mobility sector. This event is all about the posture and mobility needs of wheelchair users, but it is also extremely useful and beneficial to professionals that specialise in other elaborate seating needs.

                                         The conference runs between Monday 23rd - Wednesday 25th July 2018, at Manchester Central.

                                                                                     AtLibertyHealth will be on stand number 22.

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