Problems with Mobility and Balance

Problems with Mobility and Balance

Falls can be caused by a combination of factors, both to do with objects in theenvironment and health related issues. Many healthcare symptoms can increase the risk of falls. These can include muscle stiffness, muscle spasm, weakness and numbness, tremor, pain and fatigue. These problems are sometimes caused byinterruptions to the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. If the patient’s brain says move but the communication doesn’t reach the leg, it can result in a fall.

Each year there are more than 2.7 million people affected by falls in the UK, causing many accidental injuries. The consequences of falls can be serious, so it is important to reduce the patient’s risk.

We offer practical and economical fall prevention solutions:

  •  Provide protective footwear for the patient to increase their grip and balance when walking. These could include our Posey socksslippers or stockings.
  •  Create a safer environment by placing impact absorbing crash mats at the side of the patient’s bed. This will increase the bed safety for the patient in case they accidentally fall out of bed throughout the night.
  •  Make sure your patients are indicated as a ‘high fall risk’ with our colour coded fall management solutions. These include braceletssocksmagnets and blankets.
  •  Provide protective clothing which includes padded hipsters, shorts and trousers. These protect the hips against injuries when a patient falls.
  •  Consider rearranging the room to provide a safer walking area. Perhaps strategically placing furniture for ‘furniture walking’ if necessary. Make sure the furniture is sturdy enough for the purpose!

Alongside our products, we can provide guidanceliterature or support to help you introduce a fall reduction programme at your facility. To find out more about how you can implement a falls protocol for your patients or residents, or to arrange for a demonstration contact us today!