Prevention Pillar 5 - Stress Management

Stress Management

This is the fifth installment of the ‘Help to Reduce Your Risk and Protect You Brain’ series. The fifth prevention pillar that I will be writing about is stress management.

 Chronic or severe stress takes a heavy toll on the brain which leads to shrinkage in key memory areas of the brain known as the hippocampus. This is a hampering nerve cell grow which will increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. You can add simple tools into your daily routine to minimize its harmful effects.

 Tips to get your stress levels in check:

 Tip Number 1- Breath!

 Stress can alter your breathing rates which impacts your oxygen levels in the brain. Quiet your stress response with deep, abdominal breathing. Restorative breathing is powerful, simple and free!

 Tip Number 2- Relaxation Activities…

 Keeping stress levels under control requires regular effort. Make relaxation a priority whether it’s a daily walk, playtime with your dog, yoga or a soothing bath.

 Tip Number 3- Nourish Inner Peace…

 Most scientists acknowledge a strong mind-body connection and various studies associate spirituality with better brain health. Regular meditation, prayer, reflection and religious practice may immunize you against the damaging effects of stress.

 Next week is the last pillar prevention which is number 6: An Active Social Life. Remember you need to add all of the preventive pillars into your lifestyle to see the results!