Prevention is the best Cure

Prevention is the best Cure

Previously we have talked about how to spot a pressure ulcer before it becomes a serious problem and in this blog we will cover some of the ways that can help prevent pressure ulcers in the first instance.

Pressure Ulcers are very easy to get without even realising that you have one, and when you do get a pressure ulcer, it is usually too late and it’s very likely that months of recovery time awaits you. In the worst cases it can take years to recover, and so prevention is always the best solution.

The best ways to prevent pressure ulcers are…

  • Shifting your wait regularly to relieve pressure (or letting nurses and/or carers help you with this)
  • Eating a well balanced diet (if medical treatment allows)
  • Drinking more fluids (if medical treatment allows)
  • Allowing nurses and/or carers to look at your skin
  • Informing nurses and/or carers if you have bladder or bowel problems

There are also products around that will help you to effortlessly prevent pressure ulcers, one of which is the Pro-heeLx by Posey. You can read more about this on our previous blog “The Wound Problem”.

If you are worried about a pressure ulcer forming on either yourself or a loved one, make sure you,

1) Understand the importance of changing position of you or the patient on a regular basis, day and night, even if you (or the patient) are sleeping, but losing a few minutes sleep is better than a few months recovering from a pressure ulcer

2) Help keep your skin clean and dry.

3) Use mattresses and clothing based products (eg PRO-heeLx) that are specially designed to prevent pressure ulcers

4) Use a specialist cushion to sit on if you are able to sit in a chair.

If you have further questions or concerns about pressure ulcers please don’t hesitate to speak to the nurse and/or carer looking after you. Never think that you are being a bother by asking questions, sometimes it is better raise concerns than live with the alternatives.

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