Pressure Ulcers

On November 21st health professionals across Europe will come together to share the best practices for avoiding and treating pressure ulcers. This is an important day in the health care community as the impact of pressure ulcers upon patients and their families can be both traumatic and life changing.

Each year millions of people worldwide experience pressure ulcers which represent a true global challenge to the health care providers. Pressure ulcers cost the health care systems in Europe up to 4% of their annual budgets. (G, Bennet, The costs of pressure ulcers in the UK). The cost on the NHS in the UK is around £1.4-£2.1 billion annually due to pressure ulcers. This condition is affecting 20% of people in hospitals across Europe who are immobile or unable to feel the pain and discomfort that results from sitting or laying for too long in one position. (Vanderwee K, Pressure ulcer prevalence in Europe).

At risk patients who can be affected by pressure ulcers:

  • Immobile
  • Suffered a hip facture
  • Completed major surgery.

Due to this health care problem the advanced wound management market has grown over the last few years. At Repton Medical we provide solutions to the wound management market. Posey is the only company who offers a full line of heel protectors. “The complete solution”. Our line of Posey wound management products include the Pro-heelX Boot, Pressure Relief Slippers, Heel and Foot Guard Protectors and Skin Sleeves.

Repton Medical will be supporting World Stop Pressure Ulcer day on November 21st 2013 to help bring pressure ulcers to a wider audience. To read more on World Stop Pressure Ulcer day please click this link