Posey … An Industry Leader in Fall Management

Posey … An Industry Leader in Fall Management

Falls are the most common cause of emergency hospital admissions.

Falls and fall –related injuries are a real danger to patients…

  • The incident of falls in hospitalised patients ranges from 1.4 – 18.2 falls per 1000 patient days.
  • 23%-42% of cases result in some type of injury.
  • 2%-9% result in serious injury including fractures, subdural haematoma’s, or even death.
  • Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non fatal injuries among older adults.

Fewer hospital admissions as great news for everyone all round, especially for the patient who would much rather be in the comfort of their own home.

We not only provide a range of high quality products  to help minimise falls , this is backed by our extensive education and resources  to support care providers whether in the hospital environment or care home but also for the families of patients who have suffered a fall.

Look out for our series of articles and information “coming soon!” on our website which could help you minimise risk and reduce fall rates in your facility, ward or area of responsibility.