Mamasafe nipple protectors

One of the most common reasons for women being advised to wean their babies or for women to stop breastfeeding of their own accord is due to sore nipples.

Even during the early stages of pregnancy some women stress that their nipples react very sensitively to any pressure and are therefore afraid that breastfeeding will very quickly lead to sore nipples. Many problems with breastfeeding only occur after the mothers have left the hospital. In some cases, the myth that breastfeeding is unfamiliar to begin with and can lead to painful nipples is true.

Some basic preventative measures to reduce the probability of sore nipples:

  • Stimulation of the milk ejection reflex by massaging the breast
  • Comfortable and varied breastfeeding positions
  • Correct latching – wide opened mouth, a large proportion of breast tissue in the mouth, lips flared, chin and nose on the breast, tongue above the dental ridge.

Even sensitive women often choose bras after pregnancy that are more flattering for the figure rather than functional. The important thing to remember when choosing a bra is that it is not restrictive and is large enough so that it does not constrict the nipples. Ideally the breasts should dry in the air after feeding. This is an important remedy for sore nipples.

MamaSafe is a very useful aid as the idea originates from the home-made protection known as the ‘Viennese donut’: this involves placing several nursing pads on top of each other, holding these in place with adhesive tape and cutting a hole out of the center. A tube bandage is then wrapped around the resulting ring.

Just like the donut, MamaSafe maintains a protective space around the nipple when placed on the breast. This ensures air circulation around the nipples, even when a bra is worn over it. The product also helps to prevent any irritation caused by the fabric.

One advantage of MamaSafe is that it guarantees hygienic conditions and immediate availability, because it eliminates the need for women to make their own protective “donut”. MamaSafe must be disposed of after a few hours as soon as it is soiled by milk, perspiration or wound secretion.

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