Introducing Daza Alarms

Repton Medical is your partner for falls prevention and protection as well as providing health care products for the elderly. We realise the importance to find new products to offer you alternative solutions for your fall prevention programmes. This year we have began working with a company from the Netherlands named Daza who specialise in electronic fall sensors and monitors. Daza began developing safety monitoring solutions in the year 2000 and they are now widely used in the European healthcare sector. Encouraged by strong results and the acknowledgement of health care professionals, Daza has now become a market leader in the Netherlands in the field of electronic fall prevention and patient safety. We are privileged to be the only UK based company to introduce their products into the UK healthcare market. The Optiseat and Optiscan fall alarms are two products we believe provides a solution for you, aimed at reducing fallsand monitoring the Optiscan detects when a patient gets out of bed and the Optiseat detects the moment the patient rises from their chair.

The benefits of the Optiscan are endless…

• Provides an insight into the nightly behaviour of the patients
• Helps to improve patients day and night rythm
• Helps prevent unsafe behaviour in the room without compromising the patient/ resident
• Provides more privacy for the patient
• Helps to reduces work load for the nursing staff, saving you time and money

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