High Risk Fall Solutions

Falls are on the increase. More and more reports are now found online surrounding the issues of patient falls within the NHS. Falls and fractures are common and a serious problem effecting older people. Hospitals around the UK are receiving high fall risk patients as a result of this. It is reported that between the 1st October and 30thSeptember 2012 there was 209,000 occurred falls in UK hospitals. The estimated cost on the NHS due to fall related injuries is estimated at £2.3 billion per year. (NICE, 2013). As well as the cost on the NHS, falls cause additional suffering for the patient, not only do they experience cuts and bruises, but it can lead to serious injuries such as hip fractures or head injuries which can cause death.

At Repton Medical we realise the importance to offer practical and economical fall prevention solutions for elderly people and those at risk from falling. We provide a range of products which can be used in different hospital or home environments such as anti slip footwear, crash mats, positioning aids for beds and chairs, fall alarms and protective clothing.

Repton Medical  is your partner in patient safety as we are always researching and sourcing the best solutions to help you reduce falls for the impact of falls in you department, ward or the home environment.

NICE, 2013. National Institute for Health and   Clinical Excellence.