Don’t Slip

Don’t Slip

In last week’s blog we mentioned our fall management socks that have been colour coded for use in hospitals and care homes to help identify fall risk patients, but that is not where their medical use ends, there are still many benefits to using the socks than just the colour coding.

One such use is becoming more relevant as the winter season gets closer and closer and we start feeling the cold. The fall management socks are thick and warm, perfect for the cold months ahead. This winter is looking to be a cold one and with heating costs on the rise again every little bit of warmth can help.

Our socks are not just for medical use, their primary function is exactly the same as normal every day socks. With this in mind wearing them around the house can not only help prevent slips and falls, but also keep you warm as well.

The socks help prevent slips and fall by using special grips that surround the fabric. Where non-slip socks have grips on the sole of the foot, our socks grip surrounds the foot. An all too common problem with thick socks is that they can twist around the feet, and if this happens with an average pair of non-slip socks, this means that the grip moves to the top of the foot, not the bottom, defeating the purpose of the sock. With the grip that surrounds the foot on our socks, even if the sock twists and turns there is no possibility of the grip moving away from the base of the foot.

Whether you’re walking around a hospital or care home, or walking around your own home, these socks will help prevent you from slipping on smooth surfaces, and at the same time they’ll keep you warm this winter.