Breast Milk Labels

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Expressed Breast Milk means to squeeze milk out of your breast without a baby latching on to the nipple. It is always best to directly breastfeed a new-born baby however, it is not always possible. If a baby is born premature or is unwell, you can store your breast milk so that the baby can be fed at a later time.

Thousands of babies are born every year in each maternity unit across the UK and so this is when Expressed Breast Milk labelling can become very important, or else it would be extremely difficult to match up a mother’s breast milk to their newborn baby.

Using Expressed Breast Milk labels allows nurses to record all information, from the mother and babies names to when the milk was expressed. Without a record of this vital information, mothers would be unable to store breast milk at a maternity ward because there would be no guarantee that the breast milk would be given to their child.

Sometimes breastfeeding your child can leave your nipples sore and you may want to store your breast milk to give your nipples time to recover. Using a breast pump or expressing the milk by hand can still have an effect on your nipples making them cracked and painful. To avoid this you can use a nipple protector ring such as theMamaSafe product which can help your nipples to recover between feeds and expressing/pumping.

To find out more about our various Express Breast Milk labels, please visit the links below which show you what the available different types look like…

Express Breast Milk (Signature version 1)
Express Breast Milk (Signature version 2)
Express Breast Milk (Thick & Easy Amount)

If you would like more information about expressing and storing breast milk, please visit this article posted by the NHS.