Falls Management

As populations of frail elderly patients and residents increase, hospitals and care homes are focusing more and more attention on the need to reduce falls and related injuries in healthcare facilities.

As your experts in Falls management, we offer a complete range of quality, innovative products to help minimise fall risks of the frail, elderly and those with limited mobility, helping them to live well and independently within their own home environment.  All of our products are for medical use and are already popular with patients in hospital settings and residents in care homes (residential and nursing).

Falls Management 

Why is Falls Management so important to the community, Hospitals and Care homes?

Falls and fall related injuries are a real danger … falls are the largest cause of emergency hospital admissions for older people. Hip fractures, are the most common serious injury resulting from a fall.

Some statistics…

  • 30% of people aged 65 or over living in the community fall each year.
  • The incidence of falls in hospitalised patients ranges from 1.4 – 18.2 falls per 1000 days.
  • 23%-42% result in the same type of injury.
  • 2%-9% result in serious injury including fractures, hematomas or even death.
  • Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among older adults.
  • Due to the aging population falls are the biggest cost to the health and social care system and this is on the increase as people live longer.

Falls Prevention

We offer solutions for the frail, elderly and those with limited mobility, our products include:

Fall Management

Who benefits from using our products?

  • Individuals (older people or those with limited mobility).
  • people who are becoming less stable.
  • Individuals living alone in their own home who are prone to falls.
  • Patients who have been discharged from hospital and require additional support at home.
  • Anyone with medical conditions such as Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, any other neurological conditions.
  • Individuals with gait or balance deficits, those with reduced visual activity, loss of hearing, neuropathy and diabetes.
  • Patients in hospitals at risk from falls.
  • Residents in care home settings (residential and nursing).

Our Mission

We are here to help serve the community, our products have made a large positive impact on hospitals, healthcare settings and care homes by helping to reduce risk, prevent falls and minimise fall related costs.

Our Commitment

Falls management forms part of our Patient Safety product portfolio distributing to the whole of the UK market. Our Head Office is based in Harthill Sheffield and we distribute from our warehouse based in Derbyshire. We offer a prompt service with next day delivery if requested, our products are normally received within three business days of order receipt. No minimum order restrictions – handling charges apply as outlined in the price lists.

Our people

Our family business team members are friendly, highly trained and ready to offer support with:

Orders: Place a new order or check the status of an existing order.

Products: Ask for price quotations, products tips or general information about using the products.

Literature: Request copies of promotional material, catalogues, clinical fact sheets.

Our Products

Repton Medical warrants all products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.  Over the years our business has been built on our reputation with hospitals. We have expanded our business and can also sell our products directly to family members and friends of patients and residents through our internet shop.