TLC Wrist Splint with Straps

Foam Padded Wrist Splint with Two Straps and Velcro Closure
Product Code: 939S-Ultra;939M-Ultra;939L-Ultra;939XL-Ultra
£72.00 excl VAT

TLC Splint, winner of the 2019 Silver Edison Award
(I.V. House, Inc. and Metaphase Design Group)

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TLC Wrist Splint with Straps

Available in Sizes (All supplied as a box of 10)

  • S (Infant)
  • M (Toddler)
  • L (Child)
  • XL (Youth/Adult)


Infants 0-12 months, or 2.5-12 kg
Toddlers 12-36 months, or 9-15 kg
Children 2-10 years, or 12-41 kg
Youth/Adults 10 years and up, or over 40 kg


Instructional Videos

Use of TLC Wrist Splints


TLC Wrist Splint, Size S & Size M for Pediatrics

TLC Wrist Splint, Sizes L & XL for Peds & Adults


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