Our Product Range

We have a vast range of products which all fall under a few different categories, below you will be able to find out more about what we offer.

Falls Management & Elderly Care

Repton Medical offers a comprehensive line of fall management, bed safety and wound management products that have been proven to be effective in protecting patients and decreasing the costs associated with patient injuries. Using fall management products can help your facility reduce the risk of fall-related injuries with tools that address the root causes of falls and help reduce the problems that can occur from a fall.

Products in our range include:

  • Posey Fall Risk Colour-Coded Indicators (Bracelets, Blankets, Magnets, Socks and Stickers)
  • Posey Quick Dry and Non-skid Slippers
  • Fall Monitoring Products
  • Posey Hipsters and Associated Outer Clothing
  • Seizure Pads
  • Bed Safety and Side Rail Protection
  • Fall Cushions & Floor Mats
  • Wound Management
  • Heel Offloading Products and Devices
  • Foot care
  • Heel/Elbow Padding Devices
  • Skincare
  • Seating & Positioning Products

Critical Care Syringe Labels

When Repton Medical was formed it specialised in the introduction of Critical Care Syringe Labels. This was an initiative as a result of the Department of Health’s drive to minimise drug administration errors in critical care areas of hospitals. It was recommended that an International Colour Coding System for syringe labelling was introduced into hospitals.

Products in our range include:

  • Non Depolarising Relaxants (Warm Red)
  • Induction Agents (Yellow)
  • Depolarising Relaxants (Warm Red)
  • Local Anaesthetics (Grey)
  • Relaxant Antagonists (Warm Red/ White Stripes)
  • Vasopressors (Violet)
  • Other Agents (Transparent White)
  • Hypotensive Agents (Violet/ White Stripes)
  • Narcotic Antagonists (Blue/ White Stripes
  • Hypnotics (Orange)
  • Hypnotic Antagonists (Orange/ White Stripes)
  • Miscellaneous Antagonists (White/ Black Stripes)
  • Anti- Emetics/ Major Tranquilizers (Salmon)
  • Anti Cholinergic Agents (Green)
  • Plain and General Labels (White)

Neonatal & Paediatric Care

Repton Medical offers an assortment of NICU/ Paediatric products to help with monitoring and protection of young and new born patients. Our Neonatal and Paediatric products are supplied from a range of global distributors including Posey, Tarry, Medikokim and DeRoyal.

Products in our range include:

  • Phototherapy Eye Protectors
  • Posey Movable I.D. Bracelets
  • Posey Paediatric Secure Sleeve and Elbow Splints
  • Neonatal Soft Gel Pillows
  • Temperature Probes
  • Hydrocolloid Thermal Probe Covers
  • Foam Thermal Probe Covers
  • Ohmeda Filters
  • Air Shields Filters
  • Posey Pulse Oximeter Probe Wraps
  • Posey Foam Trach Ties
  • I.V Shields
  • Posey Limb Holders
  • Neonatal I.V Arm Boards
  • Eye Protectors
  • Nellcor SP02 Sensors reusable and disposable
  • Heel Protectors
  • Neonatal Patient Safety Labels
  • Milk Kitchen Labels
  • I.V Therapy Neonatal Labels
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs and Connectors

Patient Safety

Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities are focused even more than ever before in their attempts to provide safe, high quality care for their patients and residents alike. For more than 10 years, Repton Medical has been your partner in providing quality products and solutions to help you meet the needs of your patients. We understand the importance of preventing patient injuries and we are committed to offering solutions with our Patient Safety Continuum of Care products that have proven to be effective in offering comfort and protecting patients whilst at the same time helping to decrease costs associated with patient injuries.

Products in our range include:

  • Posey Hand Mittens
  • Freedom Splints and Secure Sleeves
  • Hand Therapy / Distraction Products- Palm Grips / Cones & Finger Contracture Cushions
  • Soft Limb Holders (Restraint Alternative)
  • Bed Safety Products
  • Bed Cradle and Foot Supports
  • Foam Pelvic Holders and Pelvic Belts
  • Padded Belts for Stabilising
  • Elbow Protectors
  • Posey Wheelchair Cushions & Seating Products
  • Posey Wheelchair Back Products
  • Arm Supports and Stabilisers
  • Self Releasing Belts to prevent forward sliding
  • Knee Separators
  • Foot Elevators
  • Heel Offloading Devices for Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  • Heel Protectors / Pillows / Guards
  • Positioning Products- Arm Wedge, Torso Wedge & Abduction Wedge