Bed Safety Floor Mat

Hospital Floor cushions/mats are recommended for patients who are at risk of falling. The Bevelled Glow Floor Cushion is designed to help reduce the impact of falls by up to 85%.
Product Code: 6027R
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Hospital Bed Safety Floor Mats

Bevelled Glow Floor Cushion

The Bevelled Edge Floor Mat (with Glow) is recommended for patients who are at risk of falling, helping to minimise the impact of a fall by up to 85%.

The bevelled edge means that the patient or resident can safely step onto the cushion without having to step up onto a square edge alternative. It is also perfect to use with wheelchairs because the bevelled edge creates a small ramp for easy access, whereas a square edge alternative mat ould create and unstable wheelchair when the patient is transfering from their bed to teh wheelchair, or visa versa.

The glow in the dark strip which is seen around the beveled edge of the cushion, is perfect for helping residents seeing the mat whilst getting in and out of bed during the night.

The floor cushion helps to provide full coverage of the bed area and can be easily stored thanks to the Tri-fold design and convenient yellow carry handle. Cleaning the cushion has also never been easier with a wipe clean vinyl cover.

Often used as crash mats for elderly and other patients at risk of falling out of bed.

Features & Benefits

• EVA foam.

• Wipe clean vinyl cover.

• Non-skid bottom.

• Tri-fold design with convenient carrying handle.

• One-inch (3 cm) thick foam creates low profile edge.

• Helps provide full coverage of the bed exit area.

Also see product code "6027" for the same mat but without the glow edge, recommended for dementia patients



Flat- 70"L x 38"W x 1"H (178 cm x 97 cm x 3 cm)

Folded- 24"L x 38"W x 3"H (61 cm x 97 cm x 8 cm)