Hospital Slipper Socks (Non-Skid)

Hospital Slipper Socks, the same as found in multiple NHS and private Hospitals across the UK
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The large double sided tread ensures that the non-skid material is always at the bottom of the feet, even if the socks get twisted around while being worn, such as in bed or other situations where this may be the case.

Size  Measurements (Flat/Unworn) Approx Foot Size
Medium 40cm x 11.5cm Adult Up to Size 10
Large 46 cm x x 12cm Size 10+


Features & Benefits 

  • Fits most adult patients.
  • Offering double protection from falls due to the grip on the top and bottom of each pair of socks.
  • Latex free material.
  • Comfortable and warm for patient wear.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Can be washed multiple times before the non-skid material's effectiveness is reduced.
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