POZ' IN' FORM Abduction Cushion

Positioning cushion to hold hips abducted and legs apart to reduce friction and shearing effects.  

POZ' IN' FORM Abduction Cushion

The Abduction Cushion is used in the crotch area where the patient is laying down to hold hips abducted and legs apart to reduce friction and shearing effects between legs, on the inner sides of knees and calves.

Correct positioning is crucial in the prevention of pressure ulcers. Due to the material it is made up of, the POZ' IN' FORM' cushions offer all the required features in bedsore prevention. The combination of a micropore fabric and a bi-elastic Pharmatex or Lenzing FR cover offers maximum breathability of the cushion.

POZ' IN' FORM cushions are designed to perform various support and comfort function to long-term bedridden people. The microfibers prevent from creep effects that are regularly observed in classical positioning and from early deterioration of the support. The highly effective positioning cushions reinforce proper positioning by improving abnormal posture, by providing even weight distribution and by preventing pressure sores while implementing security of use and limiting microbial infections.

Features & Benefits

  • Positioning aid for hip and knees whilst laying down.
  • Filling made of thin microfiber to perfectly fit the patients body shape with slow release
  • Ensures optimal pressure distribution and contributes to a significant reduction in friction and shearing forces.
  • Dimensions: L35cm X SW10cm X LW30cm X H15cm.
  • Available in two materials Pharmatex and Lenzing FR which are both removable and washable.
  • Replacement covers available.


Picture of POZ' IN' FORM' Abduction Cushion Lenzing FR
POZ' IN' FORM' Abduction Cushion Lenzing FR
Lenzing FR Cover – This cover is made of viscose, coated with a waterproof polyurethane film. It's comfort is a major innovation in positioning of the long-term bedridden and it prevents maceration. Hygroscopic properties of viscose allow moisture absorption. The elasticity and flexibility of Lenzing FR is particularly suitable for problems regularly observed in classical positioning.
Product Code: 22.950LEN
Picture of POZ' IN' FORM Abduction Cushion Pharmatex
POZ' IN' FORM Abduction Cushion Pharmatex
Pharmatex Cover – The bi-elastic cover is made of polyurethane and is particularly recommended for use in hospitals or community care. Pharmatex is pleasant to touch and very comfortable next to the skin. It's smooth and supple surface is easy to clean.
Product Code: 22.950
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