Fall Indicators

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Fall Risk Bracelets

. Our Fall Risk Bracelet is brightly coloured, enabling staff to easily identify residents that are at high risk of a fall. .

Posey Fall Management Blankets

. Designed to keep residents warm and comfortable whilst being a visual aid for staff members to identify falls risk patients. Due to the bright colours the product is available in, it is also highly recommended for patients with dementia. .
From £24.93

Posey Falling Star Bracelets

. Our Posey Falling Star Bracelets are brightly coloured, enabling staff to easily identify patients that are at high risk of a fall. .
From £26.12

Posey Falling Star Magnets

. Posey Falling Star Magnets are designed for use on the outside door of the patients room, or a bed headboard, to help staff identify individuals at high risk for falling. .
From £12.17

Posey Falling Star Stickers

. The Falling Star Stickers are bright and clear indicators, that make it easier to identify residents at risk from falls. .
From £16.56

Posey Non-Skid Slippers (Green)

. Our Posey Slippers are perfect for pateints at risk of falling. The soft terry cloth keeps the foot warm whilst the latex-free rubber sole is non-skid helping to prevent falls, which means it is perfect for wearing throughout the day. The bright colours that the slipper is available in means the staff can easily identify patients at risk. .
From £9.78