Gel Pillows

Soft Gel Pillows are designed to meet neonatal support needs, our new gel pillows can help make immobilized babies more comfortable and reduce the frequent re-positioning . Soft Gel Pillows help to make babies more comfortable.
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Tarry Gel Soft Pillow 

"The gel is a non-toxic, DEHP and Latex free water based food gel designed to be resistant to bacterial and fungal growth"

These Neonatal Gel Pillows help with the support and positioning needs of immobilized babies, reducing the need for frequent repositiining and making the baby more comfortable during their care.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports infants heads, bodies and extremities
  • Guaranteed not to dry out, which means only one pillow is needed for the baby's entire length of stay
  • Less expensive than alternatives, due to the products long lasting durability
  • Provides uniform support to reduce pressure points on the head
  • Size- 6 x 6" 
  • Box of 6