Diabetic Socks (White)

The medical sock, specifically designed with a diabetic patient in mind, will help keep the patient's feet warm and protected from bacterial infections.
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The Diabetic Sock comes in two colours; black or white. The sock is made from a triple function Lycra yarn which is interwoven with a Nano-scale material made from precious metals imported from Germany (Germanium and Titanium). The Nano technology is designed to stay in place even after washing.

Unlike the standard 7cm narrow opening, our sock is designed with an elastic 10cm Lycra wide-opening which does not constrict feet. This is an important feature as diabetes can often cause swelling of the feet/ ankles and legs (oedema), which means narrow seamed socks can often cause more problems. Our socks are also designed with heel reinforcement and the weaving is ergonomically designed with a strong covering which helps to prevent slippage.

The unique mesh design of the sock means it is breathable and is able to keep the foot dry and comfortable, protecting the skin from bacterial infections such as Athlete's foot. The most important feature of the sock is that it is proven to increase the blood flow for the wearer, meaning blood from the capillaries returns more rapidly to the heart which in turn reduces the overall workload of the heart.

    Features & Benefits

  •          Enhances blood flow 42.98%
  •          Increases speed of circulation 52.36%
  •          Raises body temperate 1.3°C
  •          Machine washable.
  •          One standard size fits all.
  •          Elastic 10cm Lycra wide-opening.
  •          Heel reinforcement with a ergonomical design.

Available in both black or white.

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