Repton Medical's Speciality Product Accessories are aimed at assisting and helping patients during medical treatments and procedures- helping solve problems whilst ensuring comfort needs and promoting patient hygiene. 

All are easy to use and designed with maximum patient safety and care in mind. 

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Incontinence Sheath Holder

RECOMMENDED USE: For male patients using external urinary catheters.
£20.53 excl VAT

Pulse Oximeter Probe Wraps

For patients requiring pulse oximeter monitoring. Box of 12
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Shower Friendly Cast Protector (Multi-Pack)

Repton Medical's Shower Guards are the perfect solution for keeping casts and dressings dry . The Multi-Pack offers protection Hand/Foot/Leg/Arm
£8.29 excl VAT

Shower Friendly Cast Protectors

Repton Medical's Shower guard Short Style are perfect for protecting casts or other medical dressings on Hands and Foot from water damage .
£3.29 excl VAT