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Posey Lateral Wedges

. For patients requiring additional positioning support in a bed or chair. .
From £22.00

POZ' IN' FORM Abduction Cushion

Positioning cushion to hold hips abducted and legs apart to reduce friction and shearing effects.  
From £42.00

POZ' IN' FORM Cylindrical Cushion

Cylindrical Cushion reduces friction and shearing effects on thighs and knees.  
From £72.00

POZ' IN' FORM Half Ring Cushion

Half Ring Cushion reduces friction and shearing effects between legs, on the inner sides of knees and thighs and holds hips abducted. 
From £42.00

POZ' IN' FORM Hand Pressure Relief Cushion

Hand Pressure Relief Cushion reduces the pressure on the skin on the zones with risk of pressure sores.
From £28.00

POZ' IN' FORM Head Pressure Relief Cushion

Cushion for pressure relief of the occiput. 
From £110.00