Leg SkinSleeve (Dark)

. For patients with fragile skin prone to tears and abrasions. .
Product Code: 6004

  Medium Leg SkinSleeve Protector in the Dark Skin Tone. .

SkinSleeves are versatile, non-compression knitted skin coverings suitable for a variety of applications. They help provide a protective covering against tears and abrasions for thin, fragile skin tissue. SkinSleeves are intended to fit as a comfort product but can also prevent patient disruption of medical treatments by camouflaging both IV sites and wound sites by blending in with patients own skin tone.  

The soft cotton / nylon / spandex 4 way stretch yarn is latex free and adapts to a wide variety of individuals. Features colour coding bands to show sleeve size. Machine Washable.  

Features & Benefits

• Size- Medium

• Style- Leg Protector

• Colour Band- Green

• Skin Colour- Dark

• Length- 13½" / 34cm

• Fits Limb Circum- 11" / 28cm

• One pair per pack